Opera Browser Comes With Free And Unlimited VPN For Secure Surfing

After successfully releasing a new version of its browser with ad blocking feature in March, Opera is now offering a free VPN service within its browser. Currently available in the beta version for the developers, the Opera browser, and its VPN service will work on both Windows and Mac.

Also, Opera won’t charge you even a cent for its VPN. This service comes as a built-in feature that offers you unlimited bandwidth, which regularly cost you around $50 per year.

A virtual private network (or also known as VPN) will help you hide your real IP address, pretending that your computer is physically located in New York, or somewhere else where the VPN server located. Apart from hiding your IP address, VPN will also help to cloak and encrypt all of your data that transmit from your computer to the server and opposite.

Free VPN from Opera browser

At this moment, you can choose VPN servers from United States, Canada, or Germany. There would be more locations to choose when Opera officially rolls out this feature for the official version, not in the beta.

For years, VPN has been used as a useful method to bypass geo-restrictions from many online services like Netflix, so they could watch movies that were not available in their country. With the release of this feature from Opera, more users will be able to watch Netflix and many other geo-restrictions services.

However, at this moment, there are not much VPN IP to choose and while Netflix and other services are keeping to ban IPs that belong to VPN services. So it won’t last long.