Google Brings VR Experience To Everyone With A $79 Daydream Headset

The future of gaming and many other aspects of our life had changed when the virtual reality technology was invented. Since then, many virtual reality products have been released to the market, such as HoloLens.

The only disadvantage is those handsets are still too expensive for everyone. For example, to purchase a HoloLens headset, you need to spend around $3,700. It’s a high price tag, right?

However, it seems virtual reality will become cheaper when the market expands with the join of other companies, like Google. According to the information that we have received, the company has a massive plan to bring the VR experience to everyone, with a lower price.

Called as the Daydream, the latest device of Google won’t have many potentials, and maybe a few things aren’t so great. But based on the price of Daydream, it’s worth the interest. So far, Daydream only works with Pixel, a Google-based smartphone. It also works with several apps and isn’t open for other developers yet.

Google Daydream VR headset

Before Daydream, there were a few other VR headsets released in the market, but the quality was disappointing. Google’s Daydream, on the other hand, is way better.

The outside of Daydream is covered by fabric that makes it’s very comfortable when wearing. Besides, it’s very light, and the controller is small and able to track your movement. Based on the result of sensors in the controller, the headset can know what moves you want to make and then give you a better experience.

At this moment, Google is still working on Daydream to make it compatible with other phones, not only Pixel. Owning a Google’s Pixel and want to bring VR to your smartphone? Daydream is now available in the black, gray, and burgundy color.