Colorful Introduces iGame Z170 Ymir-X Gaming Mainboard

Many of you may feel strange with Colorful Technology company, but it’s one of the professional manufacturers of graphics cards and mainboards.

Today, the company introduced, a new gaming mainboard that supports the 6th generation Intel CPUs: Skylake, called the iGame Z170 Ymir-X. This new mainboard is based on the Z170 Intel chipset and features 14-phase power, which is designed to provide stable and reliable power. These phases were developed and built with reliable and high-performance components to provide excellent stability and reliability for the mainboard.

The Colorful iGame Z170 Ymir-X mainboard comes with the KillerLAN Killer E2205 network adapter, deliver the best performance for internet and bandwidth traffic management. It also has a professional Hi-Fi audio system that features 120dB signal-to-noise ratio Hi-Fi chip.

Colorful iGame Z170 Ymir-X mainboard specifications

The mainboard also has all needed buttons on the mainboard, including power on, power off, reset, CMOS clear as well as overclocking, which will help you easy to press and use the mainboard. For example, you can quickly push the overclocking button to boost the performance of your computer by up to 20 to 30 percentages.

The iGame Z170 Ymir-X comes with dual BIOS, which will help to protect your system from viruses or anything else can damage your BIOS. You can easy to recover your BIOS and its settings from the secondary BIOS with a simple switch.

If you want to update your BIOS version, it’s very simple. Just download the ROM and save it to a USB drive, then insert it into a USB port and push the BIOS update button. It’s so simple, right?

If you looking for full specifications, visit here to get more details.